When JJ Abrhams rebooted Star Trek back in 2008, lots of people threw their hands up in the air and bemoaned the whole reboot with the use of time travel to wipe the slate clean. I was however was excited for a series which had got stale, with a new take on all the events we had all grown up on.


I was impressed with that first Star Trek which took the characters and plunged them into different event’s or from a different path. When Heart of Darkness appeared in 2012, I couldn’t help but feel a little underwhelmed – we’d yet to see a decent villain. The first movie could be forgiven as we wanted to see the main cast in the headlights to help bond with us – which it did spectacularly. The second movie brought in Khan, which perhaps was little predictable and also didn’t really flesh out the character enough and focused on more in villainising Star Fleetstar-trek-beyond-poster-international than the Villain himself but it still had some clever storytelling and some good interplay with the main cast.

It is with a heavy heart that we seem to be going into the same territory here, with this good TV episode that really feels like it would be be a brilliant pilot movie for a new series. It starts off pretty well and the main cast continue to have brilliant chemistry being shown and a hilarious first contact scene at the start for Kirk “tidy-hair” T James’ try at diplomacy at its worse. A lot of situations however seemed forced, like Spock and Uhuru’s relationship failing, Kirk getting ‘bored’ with as Captain? although it’s three years into it’s mission why is he bored? Where is the galaxy famous Kirk – had nothing of consequence happened the last few years to help him cement his legacy as Captain Amazing?

It does try hard though with Spock and McCoy being stuck together to try and show more of the original series’ strike off between the two, and there are moment’s where this does happen, it’s not as good as it could have been. This is disappointing as both Urban and Quinto are great in the respective roles but there just doesn’t seem to be enough material.

Fi-Sci Rating